Thursday, January 27, 2011

Clement Sauve

I am so sick of watching cancer take lives.

I 'met' Clem years ago, back before either of us had ever started working in the comic biz.  We were both part of the old Event Comics board ... regulars, actually.  And it was easy to see that he was MASSIVELY talented right out of the gate.  He was serious about his craft, and he was obviously going places.

Well, he did.  Not only did he do a good share of comic work, but he also worked in animation and game design.  And everything I saw was ... stunning.

We bumped into each other at cons over the years and chuckled about how many of us from those old Event Boards had gotten into the industry...

Even had a couple of chances to work with him, once we'd both broken in (which happened about the same time, coincidentally) ... first, having him help me with backgrounds on an indy project I suddenly found myself pressed for time on, and again last summer, when I was working on a (never-to-be-seen) GI Joe comic ... based on his wonderful animation designs.  I remember just going over those animation sheets and marveling at 'em ... they were gorgeous.

And now he's gone.  33 Years old.  Much too young.

Rest in peace, Clem.

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